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仁爱版八年级上册课文朗读mp3+文本Unit 1_Topic 3
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[00:00.00]UNIT 1 Topic 3 I will take part in the school sports meet. 第一单元 话题3 我要参加学校运动会。

[00:06.70]Section A 1a Listen, read and say A部分 1a 听,读,说

[00:14.57](Yu Ting and Li Ming are talking about the school sports meet on the playground.) (于婷和李明正在讨论在操场上举行的运动会。)

[00:21.37]Hi, Li Ming. I will take part in the school sports meet. 嗨,李明。我要参加校运动会。

[00:25.86]What about you? 你呢?

[00:27.54]Of course I will. 我当然会。

[00:29.80]Which sport will you take part in? 你要参加哪个项目?

[00:32.43]The boys' 800-meter race. And you? 男子800米。你呢?

[00:36.60]I'm good at jumping. I'll be in the long jump and the high jump. 我擅长跳跃。我会参加跳远和跳高。

[00:41.49]I believe you will win. 我相信你会赢。

[00:44.12]I hope so. Steve, my foreign friend, will come to cheer me on. 我也希望如此。史蒂夫,我的外国朋友,会来为我加油。

[00:49.52]That's great! I'm sure the sports meet will be exciting. 太棒了!我相信这次运动会会非常的令人兴奋。

[00:57.77]Section B 1a Listen, read and say B部分 1a 听,读,说

[01:06.59]Hello, is that Michael? 喂,是迈克尔吗?

[01:09.83]Speaking. 是我。

[01:11.29]Machael, the school sports meet is coming tomorrow. Let's go together. 迈克尔,学校运动会明天召开。我们一起去吧。

[01:16.48]Yeah, what shall we take? 是,咱们应该带什么?

[01:19.62]We'll take our sports clothes and sports shoes. 咱们带上运动服和运动鞋。

[01:23.71]Shall I take my camera? 我带上相机好吗?

[01:26.41]Good idea. 好主意。

[01:27.87]When shall we meet? 咱们什么时候见面?

[01:29.84]Let's make it half past six. 六点半吧。

[01:32.25]Where shall we meet? 咱们在哪见面?

[01:34.34]At my house. 在我家。

[01:36.15]OK. See you then. 好吧。到时见。

[01:38.67]See you. 再见。


[01:43.40]2 Work alone 2 独立练习

[01:47.13]Scanning the statements before listening can help you quickly catch the key information. Listen to the passage and mark True(T) or False(F). 听录音之前看一下陈述可以帮助你快速的抓住关键信息。听短文并标出正确或错误。(听力练习)

[02:54.00]3 Listen, read and say 3 听,读,说

[03:00.28](Michael ran very fast in the boys' relay race and his class won first place.) (迈克尔在男子接力赛中跑得非常快,他们班获得了第一名。)

[03:07.81]Congratulations! 祝贺你!

[03:09.95]Thank you. I'm so excited. 谢谢。我很激动。

[03:13.41]There will be another exciting relay race this afternoon. 今天下午还有一场激动人心的接力赛。

[03:17.51]Do you know who will take part in it? 你知道谁会参加吗?

[03:20.07]Miss Wang and some other teachers. 王老师和一些其他老师。

[03:23.21]Really? ****It'll be fun! What time will it begin? 真的?太有趣了!什么时候开始?

[03:28.41]At half past three. 三点半。

[03:30.72]Shall we meet on the playground? 咱们在操场见面吧?

[03:33.24]Sure. I'll meet you there and take some photos. 好。咱们在那见面并照些照片。

[03:37.73]Good idea! Let's go and cheer them on. 好主意!咱们去给他们加油吧。

[03:43.49]Section C 1a Read and understand C部分 1a 阅读理解

[03:50.63](Here are two pages from Kangkang's diary.) (这是康康日记中的两页。)

[03:55.62]Sunday, Sept. 21st Sunny 周日,9月21日 晴

[04:00.41]Last week our school held a sports meet. 上周我们学校举办了一次运动会。

[04:04.13]Everyone in our class felt very excited because we were the winners. 我们班里的每个人都很兴奋,因为我们是胜利者。

[04:09.83]In the boys' relay race, Michael ran very fast and our class won first place. 在男子接力赛中,迈克尔跑得很快,我们班得了第一。

[04:16.72]Yu Ting is good at the long jump and she also won. 于婷擅长跳远,她也赢得了比赛。

[04:22.67]We're sorry that we did badly in the high jump, but we're sure we can do better next time. 我们很遗憾在跳高上我们发挥的不好,但我们确信下次会做的更好。

[04:29.61]I took part in the boys' 400-meter race. 我参加了男子400米跑。

[04:32.99]I did my best and was the first to cross the finish line. 我尽了最大努力并第一个冲过了终点。

[04:37.74]This encourages me a lot. 这给了我很大鼓励。

[04:40.30]Now I love sports more. I want to be a soccer player. 现在我更喜欢运动了。我想成为一名足球运动员。

[04:46.00]I will do more exercise every day and I hope some day I'll be able to take part in the Olympic Games. 我每天会进行更多练习并且希望有一天我能参加奥运会。

[04:57.00]2a Work alone 独立练习

[05:01.61]Read the passage first. Then listen and fill in the blanks. 听短文录音,然后填空。(听力练习)

[05:52.52]Section D 1a Read and understand D部分 1a 阅读理解

[05:59.62]The modern Olympics started in Athens, Greece in 1896. 现代奥运会于1896年起源于希腊的雅典。

[06:05.82]Its motto is "Faster, higher, stronger". 它的座右铭是“更快,更高,更强”。

[06:10.65]The Olympic rings are a symbol of the Olympic Games. 奥运环是奥运会的象征。

[06:14.78]There are five rings, and they stand for the five parts of the world. 奥运环有五个,他们代表着世界的五大洲。

[06:19.86]The colors of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green and red. 五环的颜色分别是蓝色、黄色、黑色、绿色和红色。

[06:27.16]You can find at least one of these colors in the flag of each country in the world. 在世界上任何一个国家的旗帜上你都能发现至少这些颜色中的一种。

[06:35.25]3 Class activity 3 课堂活动

[06:40.84]Sing this song. 唱歌

[06:43.48]To Be Number One 争做第一

[06:46.00]This is what we've worked for all our lives. Reaching for the highest goal we can, We choose to give it all. When competition calls, Time records the victory in our hearts. To win or lose is not the only thing. It's all in how we play the fairest game. This is the chance we take. Reaching for the top, Time records the victory in our hearts. To be Number One, Running like the wind, Playing hard but always playing fair. (oh yeah) To be Number One, Winning again and again, Reaching all the way up to the sky. This is what we've worked for all our lives. Shining like a shooting star at night, We've got to give it all. When we hear the call, Time records the victory in our hearts. To be Number One! (歌曲)

[11:34.79]4a Grammar focus 4a 语法聚焦

[11:40.99]Future tense with will 将来时态-will

[11:44.47]I will take part in the school sports meet. 我要参加校运动会。

[11:48.26]I won't lose. 我不会输。

[11:51.00]Which sport will you take part in? 你会参加那个项目?

[11:54.00]There will be another exciting relay race this afternoon. 今天下午还有一场激动的接力赛。

[12:00.00]4b Useful expressions 4b 实用短语

[12:06.27]I'll be in the long jump and the high jump. 我会参加跳远和跳高比赛。

[12:10.41]I hope so. 希望如此。

[12:12.68]Hello, is that Michael? 你好,是迈克尔吗?

[12:15.51]When/Where shall we meet? 什么时候/什么地方我们碰面?

[12:20.00]Let's make it half past six. 我们约在六点半吧。

[12:23.34]Congratulations! 祝贺你!

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