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仁爱版八年级上册课文朗读mp3+文本Unit 1_Topic 2
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[00:00.00]UNIT 1 Topic 2 Would you mind teaching me? 第一单元 话题2 你介意教教我吗?

[00:05.81]Section A 1a Look, listen and say A部分 1a 看,听,说

[00:13.30]Michael, could you please do me a favor? 迈克尔,请你帮我个忙好吗?

[00:17.23]Sure. What is it? 当然可以。什么事?

[00:19.85]We are going to have a soccer game against Class Five on Saturday. 这个星期六我们班和五班有一场足球赛。

[00:25.61]But one of my teammates fell ill. Will you join us? 但是我的一个队友病了。你加入我们队好吗?

[00:30.67]I'd be glad to. But I am not very good at it. Would you mind teaching me? 我乐意。但是我真的不擅长踢足球。请你教我,好吗?

[00:37.57]Not at all. You can do it! Let's go and practice. 好的。你可以的!咱们去练习吧。

[00:47.32]2 Work alone 2 独立练习

[00:50.17]Listen to the conversation and check(√) the correct answers. 听对话,给正确的答案划勾(√)。(听力练习)

[01:57.85]Section B 1a Listen, read and say B部分 1a 听,读,说

[02:05.46]Michael, you're always so careless! You missed a good chance! 迈克尔,你总是这样粗心!你错过了一个好机会!

[02:11.70]What do you mean by saying that? 你那么说是什么意思?

[02:15.15]You shouldn't shout at me. I didn't want to miss the goal, either. 你不该冲着我吼。我也不想错过这个球。

[02:21.69]But you did. 但是你确实丢了。

[02:24.78]Kangkang, Michael, please don't fight. 康康,迈克尔,请不要吵了。

[02:28.21]Kangkang, don't be angry with Michael. 康康,不要对迈克生气。

[02:31.20]He did his best, and he ... 迈克尔尽力了,而且他……

[02:33.09]Kangkang, would you mind saying sorry to Michael? 康康,你不介意向迈克尔道歉吧?

[02:38.49]Michael, I'm very sorry for what I said. 迈克尔,我为我所说的话感到抱歉。

[02:42.63]It's nothing. 没关系。

[02:45.02]Michael, we believe you'll do better next time! 迈克尔,我们相信你下次会做得更好!

[02:49.30]Right! Keep trying! We are sure to win next time. 对!继续努力!下次我们一定会赢。

[02:56.48]Section C 1a Listen, read and say C部分 1a 听,读,说

[03:04.47]Could you please tell me your plans for this year? 你能告诉我你今年的计划吗?

[03:08.65]Sure. In March, I'm going to take part in the games in France. 当然。三月份我将参加一场在法国的球赛。

[03:14.19]In June, I will be in Korea. And in August, I'll be in Russia. 六月份我将去韩国,八月份我将在俄国。

[03:19.36]That's a lot of traveling. 您一直在旅行。

[03:22.18]Yes, it's a lot, but I love traveling. I enjoy playing table tennis in different countries. 是的,很多。但是我喜欢旅行。我喜欢在不同的国家打球。


[03:29.30]You have a very exciting life now, Ning. 宁,你现在过着令人兴奋的生活。

[03:33.53]Exciting? Yes. But very tiring as well. 令人兴奋吗?是的。但也非常累。

[03:40.00]2 Read and understand 2 阅读理解

[03:45.83]Basketball 篮球

[03:48.14]Basketball, one of the most popular sports in the world, has a history of over a century. 篮球,世界上最流行的运动之一,有着一个多世纪的历史。

[03:55.68]Many people like to play it because they can play it indoors and outdoors. 许多人喜欢打篮球因为他们可以亦可以在室内也可以在室外打。

[04:01.81]Do you know who invented basketball? 你知道是谁发明的篮球?

[04:04.85]It was James Naismith, a Canadian. 是詹姆斯·雷斯密斯,加拿大人。

[04:08.07]He invented basketball in 1891. 他在1891年发明了篮球。

[04:12.21]At that time, he was a P.E. teacher at Springfield College in the USA. 那时,他是美国斯普林菲尔德学院的体育老师。

[04:18.56]He invented an indoor game for his students so that they could play even in bad weather. 他为学生发明了一种室内游戏,以便他们在天气恶劣的情况下也能玩。

[04:24.83]Do you know how to score in the game? 你知道在这项比赛中如何得分吗?

[04:27.55]Well, just put the ball into the other side's basket. 嗯,是把球投入另一边的篮筐里。

[04:31.45]You can throw the ball into the basket from any part of the court and you can throw it with one hand or both hands. 你能从场地的任何一个位置把球投进篮筐里,而且你可以用一只手或两只手投。

[04:41.10]But you must follow the rules. 但是你必须遵循规则。

[04:45.49]Now basketball is becoming more and more popular all over the world. 现在,篮球在世界上越来越受欢迎。

[04:52.52]3 Class activities 3 课堂活动

[04:56.20]Let's chant. 一起唱。

[04:58.69]Basketball 篮球

[05:00.78]We run for health and for fun, Trying not to trip or fall. We want to be number one, As we throw and catch the ball. Playing outside in the sun, Basketball's the best sport of all! (歌曲)

[05:58.37]Section D 1a Read and understand D部分 1a 阅读理解

[06:08.61]I Enjoy Running 我喜欢跑步

[06:11.01]I am a 15-year-old boy and I'm quite healthy. 我是一个15岁的男孩,我十分健康。

[06:15.05]However, one year ago I was fat. 然而,一年前我很胖。

[06:18.28]I loved chips and chocolate, and I got tired easily. 我爱吃炸薯条和巧克力,而且很容易感到疲劳。

[06:23.18]One morning I saw some young men running in the park. 一天早上,我看见一些年轻人在公园里跑步。

[06:27.58]They looked really fit and active. So I started running then. 他们看起来是那么健康、活跃。因此我开始跑步。

[06:33.67]Now I have a 1.5-mile run every morning. 现在,我每天早上跑1.5英里。

[06:38.66]I drink milk and eat fresh fruit and vegetables instead of chips and chocolate. 我喝牛奶,吃新鲜的水果和蔬菜,而不吃薯条和巧克力。

[06:44.70]Healthy eating habits and running help to build me up. 健康的饮食习惯和跑步有助于增强我的体质。

[06:48.92]I have great fun running, and I feel well and look fit. 我从跑步中得到很大乐趣,而且我现在感觉很好,看起来也很健康。

[06:54.69]Running has become my favorite sport. 跑步已经成为我最喜欢的运动。

[06:58.59]I'm sure I will do well in the boys' 800-meter race in our school sports meet. 我确信我会在学校运动会的男子800米跑中有好的表现的。

[07:06.31]2 Work alone 2 独立练习

[07:11.15]Listen to the conversations carefully and number the pictures. 仔细听对话,给图片编号。(听力练习)

[08:23.22]3a Grammar focus 3a 语法重点

[08:28.75]Would/Do you mind...? 你介意……吗?

[08:33.93]Would you mind teaching me? 你介意教教我吗?

[08:36.70]Not at all./Of course not. 一点儿也不。/当然不。

[08:41.69]Would you mind if I try it again? 你介意我再试一次吗?

[08:45.14]Certainly not. Please do.  当然不,请试吧。

[08:48.82]Do you mind not putting your bike here? 请不把你的自行车放这里好吗?

[08:52.31]Sorry. I'll put it somewhere else. 抱歉。我把它放到别处去。

[08:56.22]Would you mind not throwing bottles around? 请不要乱扔瓶子好吗?

[09:00.30]I'm sorry about that. I won't do it again. 很抱歉。我不会再那样做了。

[09:07.82]3b Useful expressions 3b 实用短语

[09:13.65]... could you please do me a favor? 请你帮我个忙好吗?

[09:16.96]Sure. What is it? 当然可以。什么事?

[09:20.28]Will you join us? 你加入我们队好吗?

[09:22.96]I'd be glad to. 我乐意。

[09:26.27]That's very kind of you, but I can manage it myself. 你太好了,但我自己能处理。

[09:31.45]Michael, you're always so careless! 迈克,你总是这么粗心!

[09:35.44]What do you mean by saying that? 你那么说是什么意思?

[09:38.85]You shouldn't shout at me. 你不该冲着我吼。

[09:42.11]Kangkang, don't be angry with Michael. 康康,不要对迈克生气。

[09:45.93]Keep trying! 继续努力!

[09:48.42]We're sure to win next time. 下次我们一定会赢。

[09:51.59]I'm sorry I didn't call you last night. 我很抱歉昨晚没给你打电话。

[09:55.54]Never mind. 不用介意。

[09:57.77]I'm sorry for losing your book. 我很抱歉弄丢了你的书。

[10:01.72]Oh, it doesn't matter. 哦,没关系。

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